Sunday, May 31, 2009

Having Fun at the Beach

This past week, we loaded up the new car for a trip to Destin, Florida for a beach vacation with Jon's brother Dan and his wife Heather and Kenna and Jon's cousin Jeremy and wife Lindsay and daughter Izzy.

We drove halfway on Friday and loved the new dvd player in the car! JD actually wore the headphones so we could still listen to music on the radio while he enjoyed watching his favorite movies. The headphones also acted as a bit of a noise barrier so he took some good naps along the way!

On Saturday, it was rainy and chilly and we were all a little worried that it was going to be bad weather all week. But by Sunday afternoon, the weather was great and stayed pretty all week!

Our condo was right on the beach and had access to a pool, which is where we spent a majority of our time during the week. JD really got into jumping in the big pool and wanted to try swimming every time we got in the water. He loved splashing around in the kiddo pool and playing with the water toys.

The beaches have soft, white sand and the water is green and clear. JD was a little worried about the sand being taken away by the waves, but he got over it! All of the kids loved playing in the sand.

We took the kids on a dolphin watching cruise one day. I think JD liked being out on the water on a boat. He even got to drive it for a little bit!

Our last couple of days, we spent lots of time on the beach! The kids (we) couldn't get enough!

On the last night, we ate at a local seafood restaurant on the beach and got some good pictures of the sunset and our little family. It was such a fun week and went by so fast!

We drove straight through on Saturday and I think all of the week's activities caught up to JD! Thank goodness for a comfy car to sleep in and watch movies! We can't wait to do it again!


Rachel said...

What a great trip...the beach sounds like so much fun!

Dara said...

Looked like lots of fun! Very pretty beach!!! Glad you all are home safe!

Ouida said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures. It was fun to see all of you and how pretty the beach was.