Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun with the Fish

This past Saturday was a very rainy day around here, so we decided to take JD down to the aquarium where he could have fun running around and looking at all the fish!

We took the public transport train down there, which for JD is half of the fun! He loves to look out the window and hear the train say "Bing Bong" when the doors open and close.

Once we got down there, it was a couple of blocks of walking in the rain to the aquarium and we discovered that it was not a unique idea. I think most of Dallas decided to come to the aquarium that day too!

JD really enjoyed seeing the turtles and penguins and all of the wildlife that the aquarium had on display. He was mesmerized by the fish tanks and loved to see the big sea turtles and stingrays swimming by him.

He also thought the shark tank was pretty impressive. It was a little disconcerting to be walking underneath them!

We were a little disappointed that there weren't any "Nemo" clown fish on display, but I think JD still really enjoyed the overall experience.

After a yummy lunch at Landry's Seafood, we took the train ride back home and I'm pretty sure JD enjoyed it just as much as on the way down!


Lynn Leaming said...

Interesting...I have been to the aquarium many times and they always have had Nemo fish in the tanks near the gift shop. I would be dissapointed too, if I didn't get to see them. I am taking my great nephew there this weekend.