Monday, September 24, 2007

Starting Over

This will be the second time that I have tried to set up a blog in the past few weeks. The main problem with the last attempt was that few people could actually GET to my blog. Hopefully, this one fixes that problem.

I am excited about this new fresh start on the blog because it actually represents what I am going through right now. While becoming a mom is the most exciting thing to happen to me, it also is a huge learning process. I feel like as soon as I get the hang of something with my son JD, something new has cropped up that I have to figure out.

For instance, JD woke up a few weeks ago with a runny nose and was just miserable. He was fussy when he ate, he cried a bunch and he couldn't go to sleep. We have been so lucky up until then because JD started sleeping through the night at around 5 weeks old. So this was new territory for me.

We had 3 days of misery, Pediasure, Tylenol and Vicks humidifiers until it dawned on me to check his mouth. Sure enough - a little tooth had popped itself out! His little nose dried up in the next few days and he was back to normal.

Until...we started the weaning process. We have started to introduce formula feedings one-by-one during the month of September with the hopes of having him completely on formula by October. So far so good! He actually took a room temperature bottle at church yesterday with no fussing! But with formula comes another side effect - baby constipation!!

My poor son grunts and groans and starts to cry as his little face turns bright red with the effort. And it usually doesn't even result in anything. I have resisted the urge to go to the store for some prune juice so far. I don't think they even make metamucil for babies. So far, he has managed to get things moving along in the dead of the night on his own. But it makes for noisy days of grunting and groaning!!

It doesn't seem to get JD down in the dumps though (all puns intended). One second, he is grunting and crying and the very next second he is laughing at his favorite toys or the sunlight on the floor. His attitude about life is inspirational! No need to stress about things you can't control, it will happen on its own time, so you might as well have a good time while you wait!


Dara said...

Very good! I wondered when our family would join blogland! I have thought about doing one off and on about our family... but haven't taken the steps yet!

Good for you! JD will love to look at all this someday when he is grown... or maybe when he has a baby of his own someday!

Heather said...

Yea!! I was hoping you would some day!

Suzanne said...

Love the "poo poo" stories! Keep 'em coming! Did I spell "poo poo" correctly?? LOL Suzanne