Monday, October 31, 2011

Hook and 'Bell

We had quite the Trick or Treat extravaganza this weekend! 

First up was Trunk or Treat on Sunday night at our church.  Our theme this year was Peter Pan.  My sister did her trunk up like the Indian Camp and the girls dressed up like Peter Pan and Wendy.  (We convinced Emma that many famous actresses have played Peter Pan on the stage)

Our trunk was Pirate Cove and JD was Captain Hook and Meg was Tinkerbell. 

My mom's trunk was the "Darling Nursery" where the kids fly out of at the beginning of the movie.  All very well done and pulled together by the artwork of my Uncle Daron and Aunt Robin who came into town to help us celebrate Halloween!

Here are the kiddos in character.

And here they are just being cute!

This morning, our playgroup had a Halloween party with lots of great food, games and a pinata!!

After all the kids had a turn, JD finished it off to bring the candy down. 

Tonight was trick or treating in the neighborhood.  We had to wait for daddy to finish school, so the kids were pretty antsy! 

Meg had perfected her "Trick or Treat" and "Thanks for the canny!"

Neither kid was ready to pull of the costumes tonight, but I'm sure they will enjoy a candy treat tomorrow!


Heather said...

You had a precious Hook and 'Bell!! Too cute!