Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Much Belated Blog Post

Well, my big excuse is that I couldn't find my camera connection cord (which isn't a standard USB connection cord).  But of course, my sweet husband literally opened up a cabinet after 2 minutes of helping me hunt and there it was.  I spent at least 2 weeks looking for something that he found in 2 minutes.  And that is why I got married. 

Anyway, we had some major milestones over the past couple of weeks. 

JD had his last day of preschool! 
They had the cutest program with singing and dancing.  JD did such a great job!  I won't bore you with the video, but I have to say that JD was quite the singer and dancer!!  I loved it!

JD with some of his artwork over the year.  He was pretty proud of these projects. 

JD with his teacher Miss Lisa.  He has already been talking about her and how much he misses her! 

Meg and I enjoyed the brief spring weather during JD's last few days of school.  Too bad it is already 100 degrees!  It went so fast!

Meg wanted to try out JD's scooter.

She also learned some new dance moves and likes to strut her stuff!

So much fun!

Coming activities!!


Lindsay said...

Yeah! A blog post. Been missing you, my friend. :)