Friday, June 17, 2011

Blessed in Boyd Happiness

Two weekends ago we celebrated the marriage of Jon's little brother Joel and his new wife Mary.  We have known Mary for a very long time.  In fact, here's a little story...

First of all, Jon and I led "Rock Groups" in high school when we were first married.  Mary and Joel happened to be in the group together (not dating at the time).  So later, when we heard they were dating, we were excited for them.

When Jon and I found out we were pregnant with JD, it coincided with his older brother David's wedding.  So we decided to share the news over a family lunch at our house the day after the wedding.  Of course, his family didn't know that we were planning this.  At church, Joel approached and asked if he could bring Mary.  We didn't want to say no (seeing as this was one of the first times she had done anything with the Boyd family) and Mary came over for lunch.

As we were praying before lunch, we casually slipped in the baby news.  Everyone was so excited, of course, but Jon and I felt bad for Mary who had unknowningly stumbled into one of those "awkward family moments."  We both hope that she felt immediately part of the family from that point on!

So back to their beautiful wedding...they chose a very pretty park up in McKinney for the ceremony. 

The park allowed us to hold the rehearsal dinner there as well, so we had a "country-style" rehearsal dinner to fit in with the outdoor surroundings with Jon cooking the fajitas for the dinner.  Lots of fun and only a little bit hot!

Mary is a "do-it-yourself" gal and had made all of the decorations herself for the wedding, as well as picked out fabric and designed bridesmaids dresses, groomsmen boutiniers, bridesmaid bouquets of buttons and pretty items...the list goes on and on.  Amazing!

We were so happy to see Joel and Mary start off with such a beautiful wedding and wish them a lifetime of happiness...Boyd style of course!