Monday, September 20, 2010

Going, Going, Gone!

It is amazing how quick this year is flying by!

Meg just celebrated 9 months this past weekend! We took the kids out to a park near our house for some pictures (that were technically for Baby Meg's 8 month pictures) in some very humid and sticky weather. This is why Mommy and Daddy aren't featured - we were dripping in sweat!

This little girl will be ONE in just a few short months!!

And this handsome boy is just two blinks away from turning FOUR! (Okay, so it is actually more like 7 months, but still!)

My kiddos are just my most favorite two little monkeys in the whole world and I wouldn't trade them for anything! They just brighten my day with their smiles and hugs and cuddles.


Abbe said...

um those little legs standing in those tiny leggings are as cute as it gets! do you think she is looking more like JD, she looked like him to me in those pics.