Monday, June 14, 2010

Trouble with Two

It is definitely true that the second child doesn't get quite the same undivided attention that the first one gets.

With JD, I had a schedule for everything that he did - eating, sleeping, pooping. And I did everything on schedule for him - monthly pictures, doctor visits, etc. I stressed about making sure that he sat up on schedule, got his teeth on schedule, rolled over on schedule, crawled, cruised, walked on schedule. Because he got all my undivided attention. Poor kid.

Now with Baby Meg, she sleeps when she gets around to it, eats on the road to pick up JD from various activities, poops when she wants to (or doesn't want to as the case may be). And I have already admitted to being terrible on the monthly pictures for my sweet girl. At least we have pictures from each month, just not necessarily posed and pretty. And with all of this lack of attention, we neglected to get her 4 month shots on time. Whoops!

So Miss Meg went in today for her 6 month appointment and her 4 month shots! Oh well. She is doing great by the doctor's assessment - weighs 15 lbs 15 oz (50th percentile). I forgot to have the nurse write down her length so I will have to get that later today, but it was 55th percentile. And her little head is 30th percentile.

Meg gave the doctor lots of her trademark smiles and showed off how strong she is. JD interrupted a few times to tell the doctor about his Dragon Lightning McQueen car. (I think he was trying to distract him from giving his little sister shots.)

Poor Baby Meg did not like the shots (who does?) and cried hysterically for awhile. And she promptly passed out in the car as soon as we got in.

JD was just glad it wasn't his turn! And now we have to come back in 6 weeks for Meg's 6 month shots, since we couldn't get them today too. I'm putting it on the calendar today so I don't forget!


Lynn Leaming said...

Meg is absolutely adorable!! What a knockout smile :-)