Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pool School

We enrolled JD in the Minnows class at the local natatorium for the past couple of weeks. He definitely learned a few new skills and is a lot more confident in the water.

We figured out also that JD is a fast learner and gets bored really fast in group dynamics. So everyone at the pool knew his name by the end of the two weeks because the teenaged teachers were always saying "JD come back here. Don't go over there JD. Pay attention JD." On his skill sheet at the end of the session, it says in the comments section "Listen up bud!" Ha ha! If they only knew that this is the ongoing theme in our household!

The teachers always had JD jump off the side first because they knew that he loved it and would encourage the other kids to do it too.

JD loved jumping in, putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles. Definitely not timid in the water! He learned how to scoop his hands while swimming, kick on his belly and back, how to float on his back (with help) and walk in the water (bobbing).

If the kids were good during class, then they got to go down the water slide at the end. This was definitely JD's favorite part.

I was also really impressed that they taught the kids how to lay in the water in a life jacket. Since we go on boats occasionally with JD (in a life jacket), this could be a life-saving technique.

Baby Meg and I had fun too during class, while we waited for JD to finish. She'll get to swim soon enough!

Although JD is not swim-trained yet, the lessons definitely gave him a deeper love of swimming in the pool and gave him some great skills for us to work on with him. We can't wait for Grandma's pool to be finished soon to try it all out!