Monday, March 22, 2010

JD's Debut as Ring Bearer

Right before we left for Colorado, we were so happy to participate in Jon's brother's wedding! Michael and Sarah tied the knot here in Richardson at our church. Jon was a groomsman and JD was the ring bearer.

Since I had to make sure that JD got down the aisle, I didn't get too many great shots of JD in action.

And I missed the best shot of the wedding - JD bending over to "moon" the audience. At least his pants stayed on!! :)

But Jon's cousin Melissa took some great pictures of him before and after the wedding.

And Melissa got a great family portrait for the day.

This little lady kept me busy too. It seems like she didn't get the memo that weddings are supposed to be "quiet, solemn" occasions!

I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from the wedding! It was such a special day! Congratulations Michael and Sarah!


Heather said...

JD really did look handsome in his ring bearer debut...he did a good job!

Lindsay said...

beautiful pictures!

Dara said...

JD looks so stinkin' cute in those pics! Such a sweet little guy! For sure he is my FAVORITE nephew!!!! I just love that guy!