Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Colorado Firsts

It is rare these days for us to have any "first times" in Colorado, since we have been going for so many years. But with a new baby and a toddler, we have found a few new firsts!

JD and Jon took a guys' road trip on their own to Colorado (with no major incidents) and had a pretty good time. So Baby Meg and I flew for her first plane ride. It went great since Southwest let me have an extra seat for her car seat. Lots of fun!

We all met up in Denver and rode out to the cabin. There is a ton of snow again, but Jon had the road plowed ahead of time, so we could get in with no issues.

Jon's cousin Jeremy and his wife Lindsey came up with us and their two girls who are very close in age to JD and Meg. We've really enjoyed our time together! The kids are figuring out that they have a love/hate relationship. They both love the same toys and hate to share! Ha ha! But they really are learning how to play well together and they are so cute with each other.

And Meg and Chloe are only 10 days apart, so it is fun to see how different and similar they are!

Today, Jon and Jeremy took JD and Izzy to ski for the very first time!! Of course, JD would rather play in the snow that ski on it right now and Izzy just wanted to eat the snow. But when the dads got them focused, they both did really well!

JD was a natural on skis!


Heather said...

So glad you guys are having fun!! JD looks great on skis!!