Thursday, February 4, 2010

Signs of Neglect

My poor blog is showing signs of neglect lately! I have definitely had trouble finding the energy to write anything recently. Our little family keeps getting sick, added to the fun of a newborn that doesn't seem to want to get on any type of schedule. This week, JD, Meg and I have all been sick.

I discovered that I have all sorts of pictures on my camera the other day that I haven't even downloaded. But since our primary computer is having technical difficulties, I can't even post any new pictures.

In other news, we weighed Baby Meg the other night and she is now 9.5 lbs! Nowhere near what her big brother was at the same age, but gaining weight nicely anyway.

I've also started reading again, now that I have run out of all of my dvr'd tv shows. I finally read last month's book club read There's a Slight Chance I May Be Going to Hell by Laurie Donato (a good read). I also read this month's book club book Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker (can't comment until after our upcoming book club meeting). I also managed to squeeze in two more books of lighter fare - an old Danielle Steele book, called A Good Woman that my mom passed on to me (perfect for late night mindless reading) and a book that I received from my book club buddy Lauren for Christmas by the author of the Shopaholic series, Sophie Kinsella called Three for Cocktails.

There was a character in the Cocktails book that had just had a baby and I could SOOO relate to the things she was saying about feeling fat and exhausted and overwhelmed. I actually read some of the more hilarious excerpts to Jon, who agreed with me about the comparison. It does feel good to be reading again!


Heather said...

I am so glad that Meg is starting to pack on some pounds. :) I am also glad that you are back to reading...Give your mind some stimulation!

Abbe said...

I am glad you are enjoying reading, I keep thinking maybe I will do that when I am feeding the new baby, but then wonder if that is wishful thinking...maybe at the late night feeds. :)
by the way i think you are looking good, not fat at all!!

Lauren said...

Yay! I am glad to know that you read the book. I just finished my Weekend in Paris last night that I got... and I'm pretty sure you brought that one. Right? It was a fun read. :)