Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doubling Our Fun

We are exactly 2 days away from doubling the number of kids that we currently have! We are so excited to meet Margaret Sue and know she is going to change our lives in such a wonderful way!

In all of the sonograms that we had for Miss Meg, I never got a good shot of her face, so I really can't picture what she is going to look like. There was no surprise with JD who looked identical to his profile shot in his sonogram (which also is identical to his daddy).

But Meg has been a mystery to us. I can't wait to discover her personality and see who she resembles and acts like. I know she will have unique characteristics of her very own too!

JD has been talking about when Baby Meg gets here, so I think he is excited to see her too. Either that or we have been talking way too much about "we'll do that after Baby Meg gets here."

I think JD is going to be a great big brother! He will show Meg all of the cool things that you can do when playing (even when mommy is cringing from worry). He will also protect Meg from the "scarys" out there because he is so aware of them now! He will most likely try to pass on his love of cars and trains and playing outside so he will have a buddy to play with when she is older.

We can't wait to meet you Margaret Sue Boyd!


Kaitlin said...

Can't wait! That's so exciting! What a great little gift to have right before Christmas! I just love with big brothers love on their baby sisters.

Rachel said...

Friday will be such a great day! I am so excied for you guys!

The Laird's said...

So excited for you all, we will be praying!