Friday, July 11, 2008

The Big One

I think when we have children we automatically begin to relive our childhood through them. It is so much fun to remember what we enjoyed and then try to introduce that to our kids, hoping that they like it as much as we did.

JD has probably had his fair share of that experience recently. As we were planning our trip to Colorado, Jon decided that he wanted to take JD fishing. This was something that Jon really enjoyed when he was younger in Colorado.

But it wasn't enough to just take him fishing. JD HAD to have a Snoopy fishing pole, which is what Jon had when he was younger. So Jon went to Wal Mart to see if he could find a Snoopy fishing pole. Well, times have changed and the kiddos like Dora and Diego and Cars and Barbie - not so much Snoopy.

So Jon went out to eBay and found a Snoopy pole for JD. JD doesn't even know what a Snoopy is, but, by golly, now he has a Snoopy pole! We got it the day before we left for Colorado and Jon and JD hooked it up with a Curious George doll to see how it would work.

We went fishing yesterday in a pretty reservoir with Jon's grandparents and parents. Everyone was bringing in the fish. Jon caught one right when he put his pole in.

So we set up JD's Snoopy pole, which Jon had a pretty tough time casting. It sat in the water for about an hour with no bites. JD didn't really mind because he was having fun playing with the rocks and the dirt.

But at the very end of our trip, Snoopy got a bite! Jon and JD reeled it in to see what they got...

And they caught a pretty nice sized trout!

I told Jon that I bet that fish felt pretty silly about getting caught by a little Snoopy pole.


Rachel said...

This post was so funny for me to read, Mandy! My brother and I both caught our first fish with our Snoopy fishing poles and my dad had been looking for one to get for Ethan. Obviously he couldn't find one either so Ethan now has a Cars fishing pole...for when he can actually hold stuff and go fishing. How fun for JD to have caught his first fish!

Heather said...

Too cute!

I was wondering how the snoopy pole was working!