Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Can't Bee-lieve It!

This part of the Colorado trip post is dedicated to celebrating 7 wonderful years of marriage to best husband a girl could ever want.

We went back to the Broadmoor, where we have spent all but one of our anniversaries. Since this is where we got married, we always like to come back again and again. The hotel is all about the letter 'B' for Broadmoor, but we like to pretend it is for 'Boyd' instead. They also have a kids' club called the Bee Club and an old English pub called The Golden Bee. So it really is about b's and bees!

We brought the kids to the hotel on the Fourth of July to swim and take naps before the big fireworks show that evening.

After JD and Jon went swimming and we all napped, we went out to Mamaw and Papaw's house for hamburgers and fireworks! For some reason, we didn't take any pictures at all of the evening, but JD was totally enthralled with the fireworks. He would comment about every one and started singing Twinkle Twinkle for the fireworks that would "drip down the sky." I loved watching him enjoy it!

We left the kids with Jon's parents so we could enjoy July 5th (our actual anniversary) at the hotel. And man, did we ever enjoy it! We slept in for the first time in at least 9 months (and by sleep in, I mean past 6:30 am!). And we enjoyed the pool for most of the morning and early afternoon. Then I shopped around for a bit before we got ready for dinner. We had a lovely chef's tasting dinner at one of the restaurants (even if the one we wanted wasn't open) and just enjoyed remembering our wedding day and other anniversaries. And the only things that seemed slightly "itchy" were the mosquito bites we had from earlier in the trip!

After the Broadmoor, it was back to the cabin until Wednesday. Jon and JD met up with his family for the annual fishing trip. Meg and I decided to stay home for this one.

JD wasn't too sure about touching fish this year, but I think he had a pretty good time!

After all the fishing, we had the entire Boyd family and some of our neighbors up for a fish fry (courtesy of Mamaw!) and some barbecue at the cabin.

Margaret and her Great Grandma Margaret - both beautiful ladies!

To wrap up our trip to Colorado, we took JD on a train ride in Leadville. This is also becoming an annual tradition, since we did it last year when JD was two and also when he was one. Very exciting!!

Another amazing summer in Colorado!! And I can't wait to do it again next year!


Rachel said...

Fun! That train looks similar to the one we ride from Durango to grandparents have a cabin just outside Durango. I can't wait to take Ethan (and Logan) on it.

Rachel said...

PS - Happy anniversary!

Lynn Leaming said...

Steve and I are taking our first outing to the Broadmoor for lunch tomorrow. So many have told us about it, so we thought we would explore. So glad ya'll had such a great time!