Saturday, May 29, 2010

First of the Summer

It is just starting to hit the steamy season here in Dallas. So we are already scoping out things to do to stay cool.

Last week, we had a playdate at the new fountains in a shopping complex near our house. The kids loved it! And the adults had a shady spot to sit and watch the kiddos!

JD and Maddox splashing around the fountains.

Margaret and Maddox enjoying purple ice cream cones from the Purple Cow. JD decided that he didn't like ice cream that day, so he didn't want any.

This morning, Jon and JD played in the backyard while it was still cool and then moved to the front for a little yard work.

It is only May 29th and it is already in the mid-90's every day. I think we are in for a hot, hot summer!!