Sunday, April 4, 2010

Anatomy of a 3 Year Old's Birthday Party

First: Create a custom-looking invitation with a famous image (Thomas the Tank)

Second: Get food that appeals to both youngsters and their parents (Chips/Dips; Quesadillas; Pretzels; Fruit)

Third: Come up with a low-budget activity that will entertain the kiddos without much adult interaction/directions (Thank you Ryan & Cara)

Fourth: Figure out some decorations to create some atmosphere

Fourth: Get a cake that uses aforementioned famous image that still looks presentable, but won't break the bank

Fifth: Have a ball!!!

Final Step: Create some thank you cards to thank all of the wonderful family who made JD's birthday so wonderful!


Rachel said...

Very cute stuff...looks like a great party! Ethan's 2nd birthday is going to be a train party too.

Lynn Leaming said...

Family parties are always the best! Glad J.D. had such a great celebration!