Monday, October 26, 2009

So Much Fun, It's Scary!

JD is so excited about all things "scary," from pumpkins to skeletons. He points them out on houses and at the grocery store and doesn't really appear to be that scared of any of it, just more interested.

We had a Halloween cookie decorating playdate on Friday with our friends Tricia and her daughter Margaret. JD LOVES to play at Margaret's house because she has so many fun toys! It was hard to get him focused to actually decorate a cookie!

Our church also had trunk or treat on Sunday, so JD got to wear his Halloween costume for the first time. My sister and I decided to do a trunk around the theme of "The Polar Express" this year. JD wore his train engineer costume and the girls wore pajamas. Jon and Josh wore their chefs jackets and handed out hot chocolate.

We had some relatives from Indiana visiting this weekend too (my dad's brother and sister and her husband) and so we had a real Santa Claus for the kids to talk to also!

JD and Kenna were just "monkeying around" a bit!

Trunk or Treat is always so much fun, but always hectic getting it all pulled together! We got second place(ish) for the kids' choice award (who doesn't like Santa, after all).

We also had a fun Halloween playdate yesterday with our playgroup, complete with scary treats and games for the kids! So fun!

We can't wait for Halloween this weekend!!