Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And Lil' Peanut Is Going To Be...

A girl!! JD will have a little sister!

I would have never guessed it! We actually found out a few weeks ahead of schedule. Our doctor called me from Texas yesterday to tell me that he had seen something suspicious on our last sonogram and wanted us to go in immediately for a "Level II" ultrasound, performed by a perinatologist.

Wow. Talk about immediate stress on a family vacation! Since we are in Colorado, we had to do some research to find a perinatologist within a 100 mile range of us. After much calling and working out between my doctor's office and the specialist's office, we got an appointment today at 2:30 pm.

After not much sleep last night, we drove into Denver to visit the perinatologist for the ultrasound. I was very nervous and upset about what could be wrong.

Then after a very in-depth ultrasound, the specialist told us what our doctor was seeing and how there was NOTHING to be alarmed about after all (she stressed that a few times for us). Thank goodness! (The quote "O ye of little faith" came to mind for me)

And we got an extra special bonus because Lil' Peanut cooperated for the doctor and the doctor told us that we were having a GIRL! Hooray!

Now if we can just settle on a name for our daughter (yes - we had a boy name all figured out)...


Heather said...

We are so excited!! Especially Miss K....we need to even out the boy to girl ratio!!!

Rachel said... exciting! That's great!

The Bradley Fam said...

soooo excited for you!!!