Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Organized Chaos

JD is a master of destruction and chaos. He is at that age where he wants to see what is behind every cupboard door and drawer and then tries to remove everything in his sight.

He hears the word "No" and actually repeats it to me and says "No-no" over and over, but he doesn't actually stop what he is doing (okay, sometimes he does, but it is usually just a coincidence). My favorite is when he looks at me, saying no-no and starts walking sideways away from me, like he might still get away with it.

But an interesting thing about this stage is JD's desire to organize amongst the chaos. After he dumps everything out, he starts to place the like items together, over and over again.

He finds all of the stacking cups and moves them one by one to the chair and then to the top of the speaker and then to the top of the fire truck. He does this with the rings, his blocks and any similar items.

JD can occupy himself for hours, organizing the mess around himself. I'm fascinated by this, since I am like this myself.

On any given day, if you stop by our house, you will see a stack of mail, stacks of clean, folded laundry, JD's assorted needs in a pile (diapers, wipes, Motrin, etc), and the stack of bills in the office. I'm a stacker - I think I come by it genetically because my mom is a stacker too and her mother before her.

So JD might naturally be a stacker too.


Dara said...

Maybe he will be mathematical. Mom was telling me that JD grouped long items together last night. He is very good a categorizing. I am trying to unlearn the stacking habit! My stacks make our house look like a mess all the time. I am trying to be better about putting items away versus stacking... it may be too deeply ingrained for me to stop now! "Hello, my name is Dara, and I am a stacker..."