Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

JD started preschool today with much anticipation and excitement (mostly from me). We got used to the Mother's Day Out schedule in the spring and I really missed it over the summer! Plus I know that JD has lots more fun with kids closer to his own age (as evidenced by all the fun he has at playdates and playing with his cousins).

To get ready for school today, JD helped me to fix his lunch: turkey & cheese sandwich in his new Toy Story sandwich box, wash the grapes and put them in a Toy Story baggie, add some Toy Story fruit snacks and a cheese stick with a bottle of water (yes, my kid loves TS right now).

We also labeled everything and laid out his extra clothes for his backpack and his clothes for school today, complete with new, really fast shoes from Grandma!

Last Thursday, we met JD's teacher Ms. Otelia and some of the other kids that would be in his class and JD loved the playground and toys in the classroom. He also recognized his name right off to post on the door.

So JD really wasn't too upset about the prospect of playing with new friends with his nice teacher and eating his yummy lunch this morning.

I tried to get some pictures at school, but he was too excited about getting in the building to give me much of a smile.

He went right away to the other boys and started to play with the construction trucks set out. Whew! No clinging, tears or anything. Just a "see ya later mommy" and a "I love you too."

I spent some time with the Megster, who just chuckled and giggled all morning! I think she liked having her mama all to herself for a bit! We also met up with Daddy for lunch - what a treat!

When I picked JD up, he was so excited to tell me about making a new friend (Aiden) and a new song that he learned (Where is Thumbkin- not so new, but apparently this is the first he has remembered it). Just when I was about to breathe a sigh of relief that this year is going to go smoothly, I received a letter from the director that our teacher is leaving (tomorrow) to start at Wylie ISD. We will have a substitute teacher until they find the right person to take Ms. Otelia's place. Oh man!
So we will hold our breath until we meet our next teacher and hope for the best!!


Heather said...

So glad that JD had a good day! I hope his new teacher works out well!!! He looks so grown up with all of his 'school supplies.'

Abbe said...

I am so glad he had a great first day! Hopefully the new teacher will be great, too.